Until the End of the Ninth

Beth Mary Bollinger

“This is an amazing book —
    it’s a must for any baseball fan.”

—Tommy Lasorda, former Spokane Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers World Champion Manager

What People Are Saying

Here are just a few of the words of praise about Beth Bollinger's UNTIL THE END OF THE NINTH ...

"Beth Bollinger's UNTIL THE END OF THE NINTH is a home run read."
- Bobby Brett, Managing Partner of the Spokane Indians baseball team

"Reading Beth Bollinger's book UNTIL THE END OF THE NINTH has converted me into a baseball fan.  Ms. Bollinger's book is a marvelous and enlightening adventure into the world of sports."
- Ellen Lively Steele, Former New Mexico State Senator

"The 1946 Spokane Indians, a long-forgotten group of men stilled by tragedy, are resurrected nobly in Beth Bollinger's UNTIL THE END OF THE NINTH. She makes us care about them more than we might if they had gone on to major-league fame. This is a captivating meditation on the ultimate meaning of team spirit."
- Gabriel Schechter, National Baseball Hall Of Fame

"Beth Bollinger has written a great book that I am sure will become a movie."
- Roger Corman, filmmaker